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what channel is cooking channel

    cooking channel
  • Cooking Channel is the replacement for Fine Living Network as of May 31, 2010. The network, owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, is a spinoff (in essence) of Food Network, also owned by SNI, but will focus more on instructional shows rather than "reality style" and contest programming that

Appointment with Venus aka Island Rescue (Ralph Thomas, 1951)

Appointment with Venus aka Island Rescue (Ralph Thomas, 1951)

A serio-comic adventure of kidnapping a pedigreed cow from one of the English Channel Islands during the wartime Nazi occupation falls to the lot of David Niven, Noel Purcell and Glynis Johns in the British film, "Island Rescue," which came to the Park Avenue yesterday. And, under the casual guidance of Director Ralph Thomas and Producer Betty Box, the odd audacity becomes a caper of simple humor and mild suspense.
We wouldn't be able to tell you whether there is any authority in fact for the rather extravagant assumptions of this tall and fantastic tale. There may have been an occasion when the British dispatched a striking force of one major, one radio operator and one woman army cook to contact a unique prize heifer on one of the Channel isles and get her to England aboard a destroyer before the invading Nazis stole her away. This is a bit of pseudo-history about which we simply wouldn't know.
But as told by Nicholas Phipps and Jerrard Tickell in their screen play from the latter's book, "Appointment With Venus," and as played by Mr. Niven, Mr. Purcell and Miss Johns, plus several other able actors, it shapes up as one of those larks of giddily whimsical proportions of which the British—and especially Mrs. Box—-are so fond.
And there's really not a great deal to it—othe rthan what we've outlined. The heifer must be rescued from the island; vitally important to England, don'tcha know. Mr. Niven, a Scottish major, is given the assignment, with Miss Johns, a native of the island, to be his guide. On the island they have some wild adventures with the Nazis and also with the cow, which slightly confuses matters by giving birth to a calf at a most inopportune time. But they finally get off nicely, with Mr. Purcell at the helm of the rescuing craft. And, naturally, as a consequence of their proximity, Mr. Niven and Miss Johns fall in love.
Being a fantastic whimsy, there is a sense of fabrication in this film which some scenes actually shot on a Channel island, with the sea and the sky paramount, do not dispel. Also, it looks as though somebody could not make up his (or her) mind as to whether this was to be a comedy with melodramatic overtones or the other way around. Some untidiness in the cutting is occasionally apparent, too.
All of these prevent "Island Rescue" from being a smashing little film, but it has enough fun and liveliness in it to make for some pleasant laughs and thrills.

BOSLEY CROWTHER New York Times 1 July 1952

Day 167 / 365 - June 9, 2010

Day 167 / 365 - June 9, 2010

"You Picked House #3????"

Ace of Cakes were reruns. We are not fans of Chopped for some reason. Bravo had the Housewives of some county or city somewhere in America. TLC had midgets and a family with 35 kids. Cooking Channel was showing old Food Network shows. So....before Eric cranked up yet another Cubs game, we watched HGTV's House Hunters. I love when they have a budget of 650,000, and look at three homes and complain about each one, and then pick the one they dissed the most. "Although it didn't have the five car garage we really wanted, it just felt like home to us".

OK, enough, let's watch the Cubs loose another one.

what channel is cooking channel

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